Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time for a bath

Slander and Allie have had a little bit of crusties on their skin I took them to work to see what the deal was. Skin scrapings, hair plucks, and tape preps showed no mites, no fleas, no bacteria. It's a stumper.

I got some benzoyl peroxide shampoo and I already gave Allie a bath today...I'm resting before I put Slander in the tub. Slander had gotten a Convenia antibiotic injection about 2 weeks ago, and that didn't do anything. I hope this shampoo works, because the next step is either a different antibiotic, or prednisone.

Magnolia is unaffected by this skin issue, thank goodness.


  1. Was it explained where they got it? I also have a Schnauzer and he loves to play around the lawn. I'm afraid he might have skin problems too.

  2. Check out my schnauzers in this video: